Residential Heat Pumps


When it comes to swimming pool heat pumps, we won't be beaten on price, quality or technology!

Premier Heat Pumps has a range of quality, custom solutions for your pool / spa. Our domestic heat pumps are built to be efficient yet offer on demand heating all year round. Our INVERTER models are up to 1200% efficient.

Our units range in size from 10kW and incorporate easy to use digital controllers, meaning you can easily set the temperature or view the current pool temperature.

  • Efficient - Our INVERTER heat pumps offer up to 1200% efficiency 3x greater than ordinary pool heat pumps
  • All year round heating
  • Low operating cost
  • Full installation & after-sales support

We’re stoked with our pool heater from Premier, it’s made us use the pool so much more than we used to! And it’s good on power!

Jane Kerr, Auckland

Our swimming pool heat pumps have stainless steel cases, incorporate titanium heat exchangers (which allows use with salt water or chlorinator systems without damage), Panasonic compressors - fully charged with environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant, a digitally-controlled thermostat - and they come complete with a comprehensive instruction manual and full after sales service.

A COP of 5.3 means for every kilowatt of power input you obtain approximately 5kw of heat output - thats over 500% efficiency! Our INVERTER range offers a COP of up to 12.4 ! (Yes thats up to 1200% efficient!) Our swimming pool heat pumps have cutting-edge fan design making our units super quiet when running! All of our heat pumps incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology.

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