It extends your swimming season

Living in New Zealand is a blessing but it comes at a cost with respect to warmer climates, a rather short Summer and cooler Spring and Autumn seasons. This means that many pools that are un-heated are left idle for the majority of the year.

Heating your pool extends your swimming season by allowing you to start swimming earlier in the spring and stop swimming later in the Autumn. In many cases you may even be able to maintain a comfortable temperature all-year round.

If you have the pool, you might as well be able to use it!

It is family-friendly

Swimming is a fantastic activity for families to enjoy together, it is why we have pools to begin with. By heating your pool and making the swimming experience more comfortable for you and your kids you will always have swimming available as a quality family time activity. Kids will put down the remote and get outside!

It is cheaper than you might think

The heat-pump technology is far more efficient than conventional electrical resistance or gas heating systems. This reduces the overhead cost of heating dramatically making heating available for more days of the year. Talk to us today about just how affordable heat-pump pool heating can be.