You have made the decision to install a heating system for your pool, why should you choose a Premier Pool Heat Pump?

Answer: A Pool Heat Pump from Premier heat pumps is the best solution to providing a consistent water temperature for more days of the year at an affordable price.

Energy Efficiency

Pool Heat Pumps are one of the most energy efficient pool heating options on the market.

The technology used in Pool Heat Pumps is the same as that used in household heat pump systems. The free heat energy in the atmosphere is harnessed to provide the pool heating. Unlike traditional electric resistance or gas, since the heat is not being directly generated, Pool Heat Pumps are many times more energy efficient.

The most obvious benefit of having an energy efficient system, is the significant increase in efficiency compared to that of electric resistance, a gas system or any other more basic heat pump system has the lower monthly power consumption. The lower overhead quickly offsets any upfront price differential and pays dividends in the long term.

The greatest benefit will be seen in Autumn, Summer and Spring months. It is too cool for solar to be adequately effective but still warm enough for a pool heat-pump system to run efficiently. This is effectively extending your swimming season by six months of the year or more and in many cases can provide year-round pool heating at significantly lower monthly costs.

Our range of INVERTER swimming pool heat pumps increases efficiency even further!

Environmental Friendliness

An often overlooked benefit of choosing a more energy efficient system over one with a cheaper price tag is the environmental footprint. Systems that use electricity or gas in one way or another have an environmental footprint either directly as is the case with gas, or indirectly through drawing energy from the grid. Even solar is not immune to this as solar systems still require powerful pumps to circulate the water against large head and frictional resistance.

When comparing ongoing costs of systems, a more efficient system has less impact on the environmental footprint.

Quick & easy to install

We offer a supply and install service. Our qualified installers guarantee all work. The process of residential installation is usually very straight forward and completed in under half a day

We are the experts

We design, supply, install and service. From smaller 10KW right up to large 300KW commercial units & have the capacity to undertake any project.